To have a drug free Chemung County Community.

Prevent and reduce the use/abuse of underage alcohol, tobacco, illicit drug use within Chemung County by reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors while utilizing evidence-based environmental strategies and programs.

What is a Coalition?

A Coalition is “a formal arrangement for collaboration among groups or sectors of a community, in which each group retains identity but all agree to work together toward the common goal of a safe, healthy, and drug-free community.”

(CADCA, 2009)

What we do:

  • Data Collection: Capture quantitative and qualitative data through the use of surveys, interviews, focus groups, and archival research.
  • Educate: Our partner agencies use Evidence-Based Programs in schools and colleges throughout the community: Second Step, Teen Intervene, Life Skills, SPORT, and Special Presentations.
  • Community Involvement: Awareness, Engagement, and Educate community members through Town Hall meetings, Health Fairs, College Presentations, Strong Kids Safe Kids, local Park events, Press Releases, Media, and Conferences.
  • Projects and Initiatives: The coalition is currently involved in the Art for Awareness Contest, Book Fairs, National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention (3D) Month, Billboards, Drinking and Driving Prom Cards, Red Ribbon Week, and Kick Butts Day.


We us a Strategic Prevention Framework approach:


  • Assess: Collect data to define the problems that need addressing
  • Capacity: Mobilize and/or build capacity within Chemung County to address needs.
  • Plan: Develop a comprehensive strategic plan to address problems identified in our Assessment. This plan includes policies, programs and practices.
  • Implement: Launch targeted programs, polices, and practices.
  • Evaluate: Measure the impact of our actions and initiatives.

Get Involved

Community members are encouraged to assist in decision making that brings a level of change to positively impact our youth. You can do this by:

  • Share how you or your agency can help.
  • Participate: Members are active in the work of the coalition, taking on tasks and contributing initiatives.
  • Become a part in making a significant difference for the youth in Elmira and across Chemung County.

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