second step 1

What is it?

  • Second STEP is an Evidence-Based program that promotes social & academic success in children from Pre-K to 8th grade

How is it used?

  • Our trained Prevention Educators take their kits which include; puppets, pictures, songs, and activities, into; local schools, community centers, and after school programs.  There, they engage with groups of students and children, to show them how things like; sharing, listening, and good communication work.

Why do it?second step 2

  • Second STEP helps to remind children that social skills, and academic practices are not only important, but on the radar of those that care. It encourages children to engage in healthy behaviors with a goal of: Improving quality of life, preventing drug & alcohol abuse, and giving them the skills to be successful academically.

For more information on the second step program, please visit their website.

If you would like to schedule classes with one of our trained educators, please call 607.737.5218.  Or e-mail through the ‘Contact Us’ link, by selecting ‘Prevention Department’

We are currently offering Second Step Classes throughout Chemung County.  Availability may be limited, contact us today!